Upgrade Your Viglen PC to Windows® 7

Check to see if your PC is compatible with Windows 7.

Enter the model number, part code or motherboard of your PC into the field below to see it’s compatible with Windows 7.

CASE SENSITIVE   e.g. Genie Pro, PMPS0001, Vig610M, DQ45CB

Follow the Instructions for Upgrading Your PC to
Windows 7.

Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7.
Download Instructions

Upgrading a computer that is running Windows XP to Windows 7 by migrating files and settings to the new operating system.
Download Instructions

Migrating files and settings from a computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista to a new computer running Windows 7.
Download Instructions

After You’ve Completed Your Upgrade, You’ll Need to Update Your Drivers.

Click the button below to download updated drivers for your PC.

Update Drivers

Additional Resources


On Windows 7 General Availability, the following URLs will be posted as live web pages :