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Driving the Future of Software Licensing Forward

The Viglen Software Division has significant experience in providing software solutions (both on-premise and cloud) to the FE community. With numerous supplier accreditations ranging from Adobe to Corel, Microsoft to Sophos, Symantec to VMWare, we have become the supplier of choice to many Colleges across the country.
These coupled with relationships with key education and government bodies such as AoC and EduServ ensure we’re in the very best position to match the needs of our FE customers with the solutions our industry partners’ offer.
We understand that our FE customers believe in best value, a combination of cost-effective pricing and unquestionable customer support. Therefore the Software Division has adopted the following philosophy “treat our customers like we want to be treated ourselves as customers”.

Needless to say this has proved very successful and ensured customers come back time and time again to source software and services. We also appreciate that FE has its own unique needs in terms of software that can cross the boundaries of all levels of education from secondary through to higher.
We ensure that the members of our Software Division keep abreast of changes in the software industry through rigorous and regular software training/certification. As such we have a team of certified specialists and experts with varied IT backgrounds, including our Manager’s time spent at CHEST, who each have unique key skill sets that make the division successful as a whole.

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