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Holmewood House School

I cannot sing the Viglen Support Service praises enough. They are all friendly and helpful. We feel that we know them well, and they know us well. I recommend the Viglen Support Service whole heartedly. Viglen offer good prices which represent value, while offering expertise. The technical support is absolutely outstanding. They resolve any issues we may be experiencing immediately. It’s all resolved instantly over the telephone. It’s unbelievable it’s that good! Viglen Support Service provides us with immediate response. No job is too big, or out of their remit.

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Sandhurst School

As we are within the public sector as part of the procurement point policy we do require multiple quotes. We chose Viglen desktops over other large name competitors due to Viglen’s fantastic price points. In addition to this Viglen were able to offer a 5 year warranty on top of such a competitive price offering. We were able to come over to Viglen HQ and see the desktops manufactured, and it was this added value, and fantastic warranty which presented such an attractive offer.
Viglen’s technical expertise in storage and wireless solutions was chosen over competitors as their solutions were not as sound and robust as Viglen. Viglen were able to offer more of a solid solution than other competitors. The combination of warranty, total cost of ownership and good quality product resulted in Viglen as our chosen provider. Our severs are Intel branded servers, but we chose Viglen as the support you provide is very reasonable, and we feel assured we will have your support over the next five years or so, and this is hugely import to us. £400k spend last year. It is hard to come by such vast budgets year on year.
“Wireless was a sticky area for us. Viglen underpinned our decision as we knew how many access points we needed and what products we wanted. Viglen fought tooth and nail to get our solution in within our budget. And it was that commitment to the customer which was very attractive to us. Which is why we will consider Viglen for further products/services/licensing, as we can rest assured Viglen provides the best possible value.

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The John Henry Newman School

We went through a similar process about three years ago, where I tested eight different models of PC’s ranging from Viglen and its competitors. I requested a similar spec for all machines, so it was an even playing field, from there it’s easy to compare cost. Though as an IT person, I looked at how robust and how easy it was to work on the machines, the ICT Subject Leader went for the cosmetic looks of the machine. At the time we were looking at the Omnino lll model which was a prototype at the time we examined. I worked with Viglen and they provided the spec of the PC required and also provided very competitive prices (compared to the over inflated price of the RM One) that best suited our requirements and also budget (at the time we purchased the equipment).
We have since purchased over 170 Viglen machines since 2008, including some Omnino 4’s — which are very good machines. I have to say that the service that Viglen provide is brilliant, should you have a problem with the PC — power supply for example; log a call, next day it is sorted. Since being within a IT Educational environment, I have used several different suppliers, in my personal opinion Viglen is one of the better suppliers out there.

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Walthamstow Hall School

We have been using Viglen ClassLink for 9 years. We find it works very well, and we find the system to be very stable. We receive great service from both Viglen Account Managers and their Technical Support Team.”

Cholsey Primary School

We are getting on really well. Overall we are really pleased. We have 33 wireless laptops and 33 wireless notebooks which we use in various classes to support lessons. This enables classes to be flexible. All the teachers utilise the facilities in different ways. Every child in Key Stage 1 (ages 5-6 years) can independently log on and find their programs.

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Stewards School

We have been with Viglen for over 10 years. They have always had good, reliable hardware. I was interested in server virtualisation. As I was happy with Viglen as our hardware supplier I was open to utilise them for further services. We opted to use Viglen for our server virtualisation as we find it easier to deal with fewer clients. Viglen offer good technical knowledge and as a supplier they are well known. The technical support team are informative people and they put our minds’ at ease. As a school, with a limited budget we are pleased with how the server virtualisation has improved and enhanced our ICT.

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Kesgrave School

We have a good relationship with Viglen and see their engineers as an extension to our ICT family. Pre and post sales they have been brilliant.

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Viglen offers end-to-end ICT solutions and services to schools. From the supply of a single PC or notebook right through to the implementation of a full curriculum network we can supply your school with everything it needs to ensure that your pupils have the best possible learning experience with ICT.
Our dedicated schools department offers high quality, cost-effective, industry standard systems, tailored to meet your requirements. Each solution offers future flexibility, while those responsible for ICT in the school can rely on long-term technical and curriculum support.

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