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IT’s the central nervous system of modern business

Many companies would cease to function effectively without it. IT touches every aspect of enterprise and is critical to the continued growth of the UK and world economy.
It is now difficult to imagine a world without automated assembly, computerised stock control, integrated global data networks and complex Customer Relationship Management systems.


Viglen has the ability to apply the knowledge, technical expertise and resources to deliver innovative, flexible and secure IT solutions from SMEs to the largest multinational corporations — concept to completion with support.

Viglen Desktop Range
The Genie range of Personal Computers has long been the choice for IT professionals looking for power and reliability...
EA14 Contract
Viglen Wins PC supply on EA#14 Contract
Viglen have won the supply auction for the EA#14 (previously OGC) contract as sole supplier of EnergyStar compliant Desktop PC’s and TFT Screens...

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