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Do you have a Microsoft volume licensing agreement?
i.e. Campus or School Agreement

Do you understand the following Microsoft licensing requirements?
  • Client/Server Licensing
    • What’s a CAL
    • Core CAL Suite
    • Enterprise CAL Suite
    • Device CAL & User CAL
    • Per User or Per Device Licensing Mode
    • Per Server Licensing Mode
    • Processor Licensing (incl. Multi-Core)
    • Per Mailbox Licensing
    • External Connectors/Internet Licences
    • Terminal Services
  • Work @ Home & Home Use Programme
  • Student Licensing
  • Software Assurance Benefits
  • OEM & Operating System Licensing
  • Virtualisation — impact on licensing
  • Product Activation
  • Downgrade Rights
  • Licence Transfer
  • Step-Up Licences
  • Re-imaging Rights
  • VDI + VECD
  • Desktop Optimisation Pack
  • Licensing products to use with the Apple Mac
What can Viglen do to help you?

The training department has a team of experienced and dedicated trainers, we can offer access to a range of existing courses to complement the software and hardware we sell, courses designed around the Viglen Learning Platform from it’s learning or a range of bespoke technical training covering subjects as diverse as Microsoft® Volume Activation technology 2.0.