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Volume License Programme (for Commercial Customers)

Customer Profile

Suitable for small, medium and enterprise businesses that require an easy one-time transaction process.

Customer Benefits

  • Save money Significant discounts off regular box product pricing
  • Saves time Ease of deployment — install QuarkXPress on all desktops – include in your Desktop Software Build
  • Easy Management Quark License Administrator (QLA) manages Concurrency and Priority List (list & pool users) and Location (allowing remote usage)
  • Better license management Ensuring legal compliance – allows all employees to deploy without compromising compliance
  • Provides Management Information — QLA provides for usage reports and monitor performance
Entry Level

2 units minimum entry requirement and reorders with as little as 1 unit each.

Discount Levels

Discounts off normal SRP : (Level A is only available for customers purchasing v7.0, v6.5 entry begins at Level B).

  • Tier A 2 to 4 seats with 2.5% discount off normal SRP (2.5% on Upgrades)
  • Tier B 5 to 24 seats with 5% discount (2.5% on Upgrades)
  • Tier C 25 to 49 seats with 10% discount (5% on Upgrades)
  • Tier D 50 to 99 seats with 15% discount (7.5% on Upgrades)
  • Tier E 100+ seats with TBC discount
Maintenance Available

QuarkAssurance is an optional addition to the Quark Volume Licensing Program. Offering significant benefits over a 24-month period, QuarkAssurance is designed to protect your investment and includes:

  • Automatic upgrade protection to the latest version of QuarkXPress
  • Use earlier versions — QuarkAssurance will allow you to install and run any previous version of QuarkXPress up to the maximum runcount of the license
Maintenance Programme Rules

QuarkAssurance can be purchased in two ways:

  • at the same time as a license (or upgrade), priced at 75% of the upgrade standard SRP
  • at a later date (up to 90 days after the purchase date of a new or upgrade license), priced at 85% of the upgrade standard SRP
Maintenance Renewal Rules

QuarkAssurance is a 24-month program. Coverage begins when your order is fulfilled by Quark and expires 24-months later on the last day of the month of purchase. For example, if your QuarkAssurance order is fulfilled by Quark on 15th September 2012, coverage will start on 15th September 2012 and will expire on 30th September 2014.

Delivery method for License

Delivery electronically via email — contents of which are Customer Details (Quark Customer ID and Customer Name); License Serial Number(s) Site License Runcount; Site License Description (Edition, Platform & Version); Validation Code.

Delivery method for Media

Media sent direct to the end user.

Right to use other languages allowed?

Yes. QuarkXpress Passport supports 12 languages
Customer should buy QuarkXPress Passport (available under licensing) as it covers 12 languages. The supplemental languages, Japanese & Chinese are also available should the customer require this.

Are downgrades allowed?

Customers can downgrade in one of two ways:

  • By purchasing QuarkAssurance allowing them to use any previous version of QuarkXpress up to the maximum runcount of the license.
  • By applying for a concurrent licensing agreement directly with Quark allowing them to use previous versions concurrently with existing versions. This is approved on a case by case basis only

For further information and discussions about Software Licensing options, please use the following details to contact the Software Licensing team now.

Tel: 01727 201890   Fax: 01727 201812   Email: softwarelicensing@viglen.co.uk