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Education Program

The new Quark Education Program has been designed with every different educational requirement in mind. Whether a teacher, student, school, college or university, you can now have access to the most up-to-date tools the professionals use but at a fraction of the cost. With the supporting education materials, incorporating Quark products into classroom curriculum has never been easier.


QuarkXPress has more of the innovative features you need and now it comes at a price you can afford. QuarkXPress runs on Mac OS X version 10.4 and Windows XP. It delivers PDF export, full-resolution preview, multiple page sizes and media types in the same project, synchronized text for the creation of compelling layouts for print and the Web, and more.

Quark Interactive Designer

Today’s job market needs a generation of designers who can create content for all channels: print, Web, and interactive. Quark® Interactive Designer with QuarkXPress® is the complete design tool for the complete designer. Students can express their creative ideas without having to learn multiple applications and design methodologies. No other design and layout application can offer integrated output for all three channels.
You must be a Quark® educational user with QuarkXPress® 7.02 to request your free Interactive Designer software download at:

Who Qualifies?

Quark’s educational offerings break into two groups, educational establishments and individual students and staff at educational establishments.

  1. Establishments
    1. Educational Institution
      An academic or vocational institution accredited by the applicable governmental regulatory agency in the country in which the Educational Institution has its principal offices; accredited public or private primary, secondary or higher education school providing full-time instruction. This includes nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, grammar schools, schools for the handicapped, teacher training colleges, technical colleges, further education colleges, research institutes, adult education centres.
    2. A teaching hospital or medical training school
      Hospitals that are wholly owned and operated by an educational establishment. Wholly owned and operated means the educational establishment is sole owner of the hospital and only entity exercising control over day-to-day operations.
    3. Administrative Offices of an Educational Institution
      The local, regional or national administrative offices of one or more Educational Institutions described in Section A above.
  2. Students / Faculty / Staff
    1. Faculty and Staff
      Full and part time faculty and staff of an Educational Institution as defined in Section A above.
    2. Students
      Full and part time students of an Educational Institution as defined in Section A and full time students of an Education Institution as defined in Sections A, B and C.

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