Viglen ClassLink

Previous versions

Building on the experience gained from previous generations, ClassLink™ 10 ensures the same rock-solid stability that you have come to rely on.
ClassLink takes advantage of the latest technology, operating systems and applications.

A key part of this evolution is the use of Microsoft Sharepoint to increase flexibility and interoperability with ClassLink Elements and third party products.
This change allows for a modular solution, where the customer only pays for what they need and can bolt-on additional modules as their needs grow.

ClassLink 10 Core Services

At the heart of ClassLink Core Services encompasses the key elements of the ClassLink solution:

  • A stable and secure network environment, “out of the box”
  • User Account Management – including bulk processing tools
  • Symantec Ghost Suite
  • ClassLink Remote Learning – the feature-rich teaching tool, allows teachers to maximise the use of ICT in the classroom

Viglen ClassLink — empowering teachers to take control of ICT in their classrooms.

ClassLink 10 Bolt-On Modules

Login Audit
Monitoring and reporting on ClassLink 10 usage, such as who logged on and at which PC, produces reports that you can use to make effective decisions ensuring the most efficient use of the available ICT resources.

Print Quota
Ensures that printing costs are minimised by controlling who has access to printing resources and restrict where and when they can print. Allocation of printer credits controls the total amount of printed output a user can produce.

Application Audit
This module can help you to determine which of your software assets are actually being used, and more importantly, which ones aren’t — enabling you to make informed decisions on software licensing.

Internet Control
Control when and if users have access to the internet. With the ability to manage use of internet resources, you can:

  • Restrict access by user type
  • Report on internet usage
  • Police and enforce acceptable use policy

MS Exchange Module
Allows access and control of Exchange Mailboxes through the ClassLink network — including bulk account creation tools.

Terminal Services (Remote Access)
Anytime, anywhere access to the resources on the ClassLink network.