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Speech Recognition

Dragon speech recognition software is helping to enhance the educational process for students and teachers alike.
It has been shown to improve core reading and writing skills for students of all abilities, including those with physical or language–based learning disabilities as well as English Language Learners.

Dragon lets students dictate papers and assignments three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy. It also lets them control their computer desktop and applications by voice to get more done faster — whether they’re sending email, taking notes, doing research on the Web, or creating a presentation. Dragon is widely used in secondary business education and computer applications courses to familiarise students with emerging interfaces. Plus, many teachers rely on the software as a productivity tool to help them manage their overwhelming administrative workload. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder that Dragon is being used in more and more Schools, Colleges and Universities today with great results.

For Students of All Abilities

Dragon has been shown to improve reading and writing skills for students of all abilities. Dictation requires students to read aloud, a practice that not only increases oral reading efficiency, but can drive improvements in word recognition and pronunciation as well as reading fluency and comprehension. Since reading aloud is not widely practiced as students progress to middle and high school, Dragon provides a great way to keep students’ oral reading skills sharp. Many teachers are also using Dragon to help reinforce composition skills based on the “Six Traits of Writing”. Students brainstorm their ideas/content, organise their thoughts, determine their purpose/voice, develop their sentence structure, and apply overall writing mechanics by composing with their voice instead of paper and pencil or a keyboard. For many students, this approach yields better composition, improved grammar skills and expanded use of vocabulary. Though it’s not specifically designed to automatically transcribe any lecture by any teacher, Dragon speech recognition can be used as a transcription solution by students and teachers that need to capture lecture content in writing.

For Physically Challenged Students

Students with physical disabilities, especially those who do not have use of their hands for keyboarding, use Dragon for accessibility purposes. It provides greater independence, eliminates the need for a dictation buddy, and helps these students keep pace with their non‐disabled peers. Dragon’s also a great solution for students suffering from repetitive stress injuries, like carpel tunnel syndrome, that make keyboarding painful, if not impossible. It can also help prevent RSIs in the first place.

For Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with certain learning disabilities, especially those with language‐based learning disabilities like dyslexia and working memory issues, use Dragon to help them with writing by taking the focus off the mechanics of composition—spelling, sentence structure, etc.—so it’s easier to transfer ideas into written words.

For English Language Learners (ELLs)

Research has shown that ELLs, also known as emergent bilinguals, can benefit from using Dragon to harness their oral English skills to advance their academic writing. Studies have also shown that Dragon can support ELLs with note taking, paraphrasing, fluency, word comprehension, and pronunciation — skills that can help drive academic success.

For Business Education Students

Dragon is being integrated into education business courses to prepare students for the 21st century workplace. Dragon is the perfect speech input technology choice for business education curriculum because it’s remarkably easy to learn; it’s highly accurate for the vast majority of speakers; it’s a proven student productivity tool; and it’s available in many languages.

For Teachers

With Dragon, teachers can read and respond to students’ essays quickly and easily. They can add more comments and detailed notes because they’re not constrained by time‐consuming handwritten feedback — not to mention poor penmanship! With a wireless headset, teachers reviewing assignments and providing dictated feedback are no longer tied so closely to the desk and computer. They can move around as they dictate notes to students or sit back and relax as they add comments to papers.

Education Licensing & Pricing

Dragon is packaged in multiple product editions with feature sets that vary based on user needs. In addition, Nuance (via Viglen) offers education the opportunity to take advantage of the advanced features and enterprise deployment benefits of Dragon solutions with academic volume license discounts.

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