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Solutions for Education

At a time when budgets are tight, don’t loosen up your antivirus protection. Schools and universities help shape not only the minds of our children, but also their characters. The research is done at the Universities and new researchers grow up there. ESET helps educational organisations around the world achieve their missions with a little more peace of mind.
In some respects, Universities and colleges represent a more demanding IT and network security challenge than the average corporate network. With the use of P2P, file sharing, and MP3 trading, campuses have become a haven for viruses and spyware. By nature, these networks are fairly open and un-segmented. A virus or worm on one student’s PC can quickly spread throughout the entire class room or even campus. Educational establishments face challenges when choosing the right antivirus partner that need to be addressed, here are just some of those:

  • Budget cuts require a more cost effective solution
  • Existing antivirus solution is cumbersome to manage
  • Antivirus software can’t run on older computers
  • Replacing existing antivirus solution is labour intensive
  • Constant signature updates hog bandwidth and hard drive space, but malware still gets through
ESET Solutions

Educational establishments all over the UK trust and use ESET Antivirus protection and here is just some of the reasons why;

  • Meet the needs of the educational budget by offering 50% discount to all educational establishments
  • Easy-to-use ESET Remote Administrator reduces management costs
  • Light footprint extends life of older computers
  • Advanced heuristics proactively detect and stop emerging malware, even before signatures are available
  • UK based technical support team

Enterprise Endpoint Security

NOD32 Antivirus

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition protects your business without creating system slowdowns that negatively impact productivity. It is effective against emerging malware and Internet threats as they are released, not hours or days later.

√ Antivirus

√ Antispyware

√ Remote Administrator

Smart Security

Smart Security combines the power and protection of our award-winning NOD32 Antivirus with additional firewall and antispam capabilities. It is ideal for staff laptops and notebooks as well as providing an additional layer of protection for your endpoints.

√ Antivirus

√ Antispyware

√ AntiSpam

√ Firewall

√ Remote Administrator

Mobile Security

Secure your staff smartphones with ESET Mobile Security’s proactive protection, engineered for Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian. With proactive detection of known and emerging mobile threats and anti-theft features ESET keeps your corporate data safe on-the-go.

√ Antivirus

√ Antispyware

√ AntiSpam

√ Firewall

√ Anti-theft

Remote Administrator

ESET Remote Administrator makes owning ESET security software products a significantly lower cost proposition. From a single point an IT administrator can scan endpoints, adjust client configurations, respond to security events, update signature databases, generate reports, install and manage ESET solutions across clients and servers.

√ Endpoint Security

√ Mailserver Security

√ Filserver Security

√ Gateway Security

File Server Security

ESET File Server Security logo

Data protection is one of the top priorities of successful IT companies.
Enhance your server security strategy with ESET’s comprehensive malware protection that won’t slow network file access. ESET file server security provides real time, proactive threat detection that incorporates the fastest scanning speeds and highest detection rates with the smallest footprint. ESET NOD32 Antivirus File Server is available for several platforms and operating systems.

Windows File Servers

Coming soon for Windows File Servers, based on our high performance ESET NOD32 Antivirus. If you require stability, fast and effective detection, ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Windows File Servers is the ideal solution for protecting your corporate data.

Linux File Servers

ESET File Server Security, based on our high performance ESET NOD32 Antivirus, provides Linux, BSD and Solaris file servers with on-demand and on-access real-time protection from known and unknown viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other Internet threats.

Remote Administrator

ESET Remote Administrator makes owning ESET security software significantly simpler. From a single console you can quickly adjust client configurations, scan endpoints, respond to security events, update signature databases, generate reports and many other tasks.

Mail Server Security


Cyber criminals are increasingly using email to deliver malware attacks on organisations.
ESET Mail Security provides the best anti-threat software for a variety of platforms delivering proactive online scanning, faster performance, and lowest resource utilisation for high traffic mail servers.

Microsoft Exchange

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server blocks all types of email-borne malware and spam. It scans your email traffic with industry-leading precision, low system footprint and high scanning speed — so slowdowns will be a thing of the past.


ESET Mail Security provides Linux, BSD and Solaris mail servers with on-demand and on-access real-time protection from all manner of known and unknown viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other Internet threats to keep your information safe.

Gateway Security


Linux, BSD, and Solaris have long been the platforms of choice for gateway servers, where reliability and responsiveness are paramount.
ESET Gateway Security protects an organisation’s HTTP and FTP gateways against known and unknown viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, phishing and other Internet threats. Built upon ESET’s powerful ThreatSense® technology, ESET Gateway Security delivers both unprecedented scanning speed and unrivaled detection rates, while minimizing false-positives. ESET Gateway Security’s small footprint and fast performance make it ideal for the performance demands placed on systems with heavy network traffic. ESET Gateway Security is your first line of defense against evolving threats.

Key Benefits
  • HTTP and FTP anti-virus and anti-spyware scanning by transparent proxy modules
    All inbound and outbound web traffic is automatically checked for signs of known and new malware using ESET’s powerful ThreatSense scanning engine.
  • SafeSquid Proxy cache plug-in
    ESET Gateway Security offers anti-malware scanning to protect Gateway services using the SafeSquid Internet proxy.
  • Pre-defined Actions
    Allows administrators to define a set of actions to be taken based on scan results. These actions can be blocking of the message and replacing it with a predefined webpage template, and so forth.
  • Partial scan technique
    Partial scanning ensures safety and high performance for large HTTP object downloads.
  • Multi-Processor Support
    Supports single processor and multi-processor units.
  • Improved Daemon
    Increased stability and scanning efficiency.
  • User Specific Configuration
    Administrator can set specific scanner parameters on a per- user basis.
  • Web-Based Interface
    User-friendly, web-based administration interface.
New Features
  • Latest ThreatSense® Technology
    ThreatSense technology Version 3.0 delivers sophisticated proactive protection and improved cleaning features.
  • Support for Remote Administrator
    Compatible with ESET Remote Administrator.
  • Supported Platforms
    Supported platforms now include Solaris™ 10, NetBSD® 4, FreeBSD® 5, 6 and 7, Linux® Kernel 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6.
  • Smaller Update Files
    Core optimization reduces the size of update files and improves protection against corrupted update files.
  • 64-bit Systems Support
    Native support for 64-bit systems (excluding Intel® Itanium® IA-64).

Remote Administrator


ESET Remote Administrator makes owning ESET security software products a significantly lower cost proposition. From a single ESET Remote Administrator Console, your IT administrator can quickly scan endpoints, adjust client configurations, respond to security events, update signature databases, generate reports, install and manage ESET solutions across clients and servers running Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. ESET Remote Administrator has a small footprint and is highly scalable in an N-tier management framework. Remote Administrator makes it easy to enforce security policies from a single console, whether you have a small business or an organisation with branch offices across multiple time zones. Migrating to ESET will make your business safer and save your IT organization time and money.

What does Remote Administrator do . . .
  • Remotely Deploy Eset products
  • Remotely Manage your networked clients
  • Keeps you informed of client ESET Status
  • Remotely modify your users ESET configuration
  • Run reports on all ESET clients
  • Run remote scans of client machines
Key Features
  • Intelligent group management
    Parametric groups work with filtering, reports, notifications and policy rules. Enhanced Active Directory synchronization makes it easy to deploy ESET business solutions in large and dispersed networks with complex hierarchies and nested Organizational Units.
  • Firewall rules merge wizard
    Aggregate firewall rules from any combination of endpoints from your network. The wizard makes it easy to get a profile of the merged rule set to remove unwanted rules. The resulting rule set can be saved and easily applied for consistency across a group or network.
  • Improved policy manager
    New intuitive wizard makes it easy to map policies to groups. Policy import/export features take the work out of backing up or duplicating policies across branch offices.
  • Simplified remote installation
    Closes security gaps while freeing IT staff from redundant, time-consuming work with improved search for unregistered clients. Also creates tasks to push install endpoints in parallel without further intervention.
  • Cross platform management
    From a single console, remotely manage all current and previous versions of ESET products, running on your endpoints, regardless of operating system. Windows PCs, servers, Linux boxes and Mac — plus next-gen mobile devices are all tamed and secure.
  • Notification management
    Notifications are highly customisable and allow for monitoring of a broad range of incidents (status of machines, possible virus outbreak or network attack, finished tasks, license expiration or server errors and warnings). Notification can be delivered to you direct by email as well as other methods.
New Features
  • Lower cost of management
    Save time and eliminate rogue endpoints by synchronizing with Active Directory groups. Static and dynamic parametric groups simplify configuration, deployment, reporting and reduce response time to incidents.
  • Improve security posture
    Improve compliance and security posture by defining and enforcing policies across the network. Functionalities like import, export and inheritance make it easy to synchronize a wide network area.
  • Reduce response time
    Security is not about collecting data, but rather about separating the wheat from the chaff so IT pros can take action to mitigate risks. Remote Administrator’s intuitive filtering and reporting functionalities simplify identification, monitoring and reporting problems so your IT team can quickly eliminate them.

Remote Administrator Network Diagram

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