What do you call a router when it’s also a firewall, an Internet cache, a filtering facility and an auditing tool?

Easy – IT’s a Viglen ExoServer

Why just have a router, when you can have so much more? Viglen has teamed up with intY, the market leader in managed security services to offer a complete Internet Security solution, allowing you to provide access to the enormous learning potential of the internet, in a secure and controlled environment.

Viglen ExoServer addresses all your Internet management needs for little more than the price of a standard dual port router.

Security concerns are a thing of the past with Viglen ExoServer. You can rest assured that the industry standard firewall will protect your school network from ‘undesirable influences’. Comprehensive filtering ensures that pupils are only able to gain access to the sites you deem to be appropriate, as well as restricting e-mails with school-defined inappropriate content.

Even the longest concentration span is broken when faced with the ‘world wide wait’. Viglen ExoServer’s intelligent web cache facility optimises your school’s connection to the Internet making downloads to your pupils’ workstations as rapid as possible irrespective of connection type. What’s more, Viglen ExoServer is Broadband-ready and can be remotely switched from ISDN within minutes with no disruption to the school network.

The DfES advises that in addition to filtering inappropriate material, schools should maintain audit logs of all web sites visited by pupils. Not only the built-in auditing facilities within Viglen ExoServer automatically log all web pages visited, but also all Emails sent and received. This information is easily retrievable and simple search tools mean that it can be displayed or printed in virtually any format.

In addition to this, for complete peace of mind, Viglen ExoServer can be remotely supported, while the ‘Viglen ExoCare guarantees in the unlikely event of hardware failure that a new, fully configured unit will arrive the next morning. It’s simply a matter of plugging in and switching on!

But what really sets the Viglen solution apart from the competition is the fact that this excellent product is supplied with a top-class support service. Viglen Managed Service manages all elements of the solution, from hardware and software, to upgrades, maintenance and configuration. It is through this service that we manage to achieve our ultimate aim - to supply our customers with the best technology in a trouble-free package.

Of course, Viglen ExoServer is also a fully functional dual port router, with the highest level of network security for both administration and curriculum networks. For full product specification click here.

So, if you are seeking a solution to solve all the Internet issues within your school, or are simply considering purchasing a router, call 01727 201 820 and ask for Viglen ExoServer. IT’s never been this easy!