Approved Applications


The ClassLink Approved Software Database was created in January 2002 with the objective of building a list of ClassLink 2000 compatible applications. The list includes applications compatible with ClassLink XP and CLassLink7 running on the latest platforms released by Microsoft, currently XP and 2000.

What conditions have led to the rejection of certain titles?

In 95% of cases the titles have been rejected because they were not designed for the platform on which they were rejected.

How many titles have been tested?

Over 1500 titles have been currently tested in an ongoing process.

Approved Titles

The list is split into subsections based on the applications name. Use the buttons below to navigate to the various sections. Applications which have been rejected are shown in red.

Product Version Supplier Approved On
.NET Framework 2.0 Unknown XP
+ACTIVote 2.11 Promethean Ltd XP
10 out of 10 1.5 Unknown XP
10 Quick Questions (maths) 2.0.4 Unknown XP
123 CD Sherston 2000 SP2
1st find it 3 Actis 2000
1st Find it (Fairy) 3.1 Appian Software 2000 SP2
1st Find it (Teddy) 3.1 Appian Software 2000 SP2
1st Find IT Extra (healthy eating) Actis XP
1st Find IT Extra (My Snack Bar) Actis XP
1st Find IT Extra (My Toy Area Cupboard/My Play..) Actis XP
1st Find IT Extra (ourselves) Actis XP
1st Find it extra! - Appian Software XP
2 Animate 1.2.4 2Simple XP
2 Calculate 1.0.40 2Simple XP
2 D Design 1.13 Techsoft XP
2 Simple 2 Animate 1.1.3 2Simple XP
2 Simple 2 Handwrite 1.2.6 2Simple XP
2 Type 1.03 2Simple XP SP2
21st Century Science GCSE Science Student Version ? OCR XP SP2
21st Century Science GCSE Science Teacher Version ? OCR XP SP2
2Animate 2.0.6 2Simple XP SP2
2Animate! 1.2.1 2Simple XP
2Calculate 1.0.40 2Simple XP
2Calculate 1.0.89c 2Simple XP SP2
2Connect 1.0.0 2Simple XP SP2
2Count 2.0.1 2Simple XP
2Create 1.1.0 2Simple XP
2Create 1.5b 2Simple XP SP2
2Create a Story 1.0.81 2Simple XP SP2
2D Design 1.12 Techsoft XP
2D Design 1.17 Techsoft XP
2D Design 1.2 Techsoft XP
2D Design 1.24 Techsoft XP
2D Design 2002 2.1 Focus Educational XP
2D Design Design Tools 1.13 Techsoft XP
2D Design Design Tools 1.5 Techsoft XP
2D Design Tools 1.16 Techsoft XP
2Draw 1.1.4 2Simple XP SP2
2Email 1.0.6 2Simple XP SP2
2Email 1.0.7 2Simple XP SP2
2Email 1.0.8 2Simple XP SP2
2Go 2.0.1 2Simple XP
2Graph 1 2Simple XP
2Handwrite 1.2.7 2Simple XP
2Handwrite 1.2.8 2Simple XP SP2
2Investigate 1 2Simple 2000 SP2
2Investigate 1 2Simple XP
2Investigate 1.0.0 2Simple XP SP2
2Investigate 1.1.9 2Simple XP
2investigate 1.2.1 2Simple XP SP2
2Investigate 1.2.4 2Simple XP
2investigate 1.2.5 2Simple XP SP2
2Investigate 1.2.51 2Simple XP SP2
2Paint A Picture 1.0.0 2Simple XP SP2
2Paint+ 1 2Simple XP
2Publish 2.0.1 2Simple XP
2Question+ 1 2Simple XP
2Review 2Simple 2000 SP2
2Review 2Simple XP
2Review+ 4.0.5 2Simple XP SP2
2Review+ 4.1.1 2Simple XP SP2
2Simple 2Calculate 1.0.40 2Simple XP
2Simple 2Calculate 1.0.89 2Simple XP
2Simple 2Investigate 1.1.96 2Simple XP
2Simple 2Review 4.0.2 2Simple XP
2simple Developing Tray 1.4.3 2Simple XP
2Simple Infant Video Toolkit 2 2.0.1 2Simple XP
2Simple Modelling Toolkit 1 2Simple 2000 SP2
2Simple Modelling Toolkit 1 2Simple XP
2Simple Modelling Toolkit 1.5.0 2Simple XP
2Simple Science - 2Simple XP
2Simple Science 2Simple XP
2Simple Science Simulation Module 1: Plants and Gr 1.0.3 2Simple XP
2Simple Video Toolkit 2 2.2 2Simple XP
2Simulate 1.0.0 2Simple XP SP2
2Type 2.0.1 2Simple XP SP2
3D Plus + Resource CD 3 Serif XP
3D Skeleton Granada 2000
3DPLus 3 Serif 2000
7 Zip 4.42 XP SP2
Équipe Informatique 1 Camsoft XP
Équipe Informatique 2 Camsoft XP
Équipe Informatique 3 Camsoft XP