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e:plus is an additional module for the Viglen Learning Platform from it’s learning that provides enhanced functionality in to main areas; Production/Authoring tools and a Resource Library for the organisation, reuse and quality management of digital content.
e:plus is a function that makes it easy for Viglen Learning Platform from it’s learning users to carry out template based multimedia rich content production.
The system has for a long time now had a powerful web–based editor integrated in the Viglen Learning Platform from it’s learning. This is a simple and functionality rich tool for content production. However since content production is a core requirement for our customers, we have now developed a module which provides advanced functionality; e:plus.
e:plus enables users to build courses consisting of video clips, audio, animations, and pictures with text and questions. e:plus creations have a more professional look, without sacrificing the user–friendliness that it’s learning is renowned for.

e:plus — library

e:plus is a content library (Content Management System) for the organisation and reuse of content, both for individual users (private library) and for everyone within the Viglen it’s learning Environment–installation (public library). Everything which is added to the library is given name tags — or metadata and can thereby be categorised and searched for.
e:plus allows you to organise media files, lessons and modules (a collection of lessons) and graphic templates. Content can be maintained, quality assured and easily distributed to other users from the library.

e:plus — production

e:plus is a professional authoring tool, with a user interface which satisfies the needs of both experienced and novice Viglen Learning Platform from it’s learning users.
e:plus allows you to create content from scratch or by making use elements already to be found in the private or public library. Users can start production with a pre–defined template, or by defining headings and content themselves.
A crucial term in e:plus is “lesson”. A lesson consists of one or more web pages, with paragraphs defined on each page. Each paragraph can contain text with a relevant media element (picture, video, audio, animation) or a multiple choice question.

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