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Viglen Finance for Schools
Viglen Finance
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Maximise ICT Brochure
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Viglen Experience
Institutions served:
  • Maintained schools
  • Independent schools
  • Further education
  • Higher education
We can provide:
  • Operating leases
  • Finance leases
  • Lease / hire purchase
  • Laptop schemes
Learn Anywhere® from Viglen Finance:
Viglen Finance brings schools colleges and universities the market-leading laptop scheme Learn Anywhere. It has been designed to turn the mobile computing rhetoric into reality.
It’s an affordable and risk-free way to introduce laptops, without many of the administrative headaches such schemes can involve. Learn Anywhere includes optional insurance, so you needn’t worry if contributions do not match costs.

If you would like to explore this option further, please contact us today.
Contact Info.
Tel: 0208 254 1953
Fax: 01727 201 828

For information, please use the following contact details of our dedicated Schools team now.

Tel: 01727 201820   Fax: 01727 201828   Email: