Viglen ClassLink

Previous versions

ClassLink™ turns your ICT resource into a cross curricular teaching tool.
It is simple to learn, easy to use and effortless to administer — meaning teachers can spend less time carrying out network administration tasks and more time teaching.

ClassLink™ 8 for Windows Vista®

ClassLink™ 8 is the latest in Viglen’s acclaimed ClassLink™ range. Now supporting Microsoft Windows Vista clients, it also comes complete with the latest version of Remote Learning. Built on Microsoft Windows 2003 server technology, ClassLink™ 8 is robust, reliable and totally industry standard. The ClassLink™ 8 administrator interface simplifies everyday tasks, allowing schools to benefit from increased manageability, productivity and scalability.

A real difference to Cross Curricular Teaching

ClassLink™ gives teachers ICT tools that can be used across the curriculum — allowing them to effectively control, monitor and manage teaching and learning in the classroom.

Student Learning

ClassLink™ ensures that pupils can logon to any machine on the network to carry on with their work and allows rapid access to ICT resources.

Network management

ClassLink™ simplifies complex network management issues, providing excellent communication and auditing tools, a  remote support service and system security, helping lower the running costs associated with a computer network.

Product Features:

ClassLink™ is a feature packed product that manages to maintain simplicity. It is simple to learn, manage, use and administer, affording your school maximum flexibility with ICT.

Access Control

Enables the school to decide what applications and PC utilities are available to each student or group.

Disk Space Control

ClassLink™ disk quota allows for predefined amounts of disk space to be allocated to each user, sharing system resources efficiently. The system warns users when nearing their limit and allows students to do the necessary housekeeping in time.

Flexible User Groups

ClassLink™ allows you to define your own user groups. Year groups, subject groups, special interests and guests can all be accommodated, making management easy and cutting down administration time.


ClassLink™ allows you to effectively track how and when pupils and teachers use the system, including the ability to monitor and log the use of the Internet and specific sites visited.


Teaching staff can also be empowered to perform tasks, such as changing forgotten passwords or helping with printer queues.


ClassLink™ is pre-populated and designed to reflect a typical school structure, which is easy to expand or tailor.


ClassLink™ security offers our most secure network ever whilst being  industry standard, and remaining stable and robust.


Utilising an intuitive
web-based user interface, ClassLink™ is easy to navigate. A fast search function has also been incorporated into ClassLink™ enabling teachers to find any resource quickly and efficiently.

Internet Security

ClassLink™ allows you to ban students from using the Internet as well as preventing students from downloading certain file types such as MP3.