Adobe Term Site Licence for Higher Education

The Adobe Term Site License is available for higher education CLP members.

  • A program that allows Higher Education Institutions to to license selected products across an entire site within a given timeframe
  • The program provides all updates and upgrades to the products covered under the program for the agreement term
  • Pricing is calculated based on FTE count
  • 6 to 24 month terms are available (depending on remaining time of CLP membership)
  • Conveniently enrol on-line
  • Higher Education Institution
  • Have an active CLP5 membership
Requirements for Total FTE Quantity
  • Calculation for Total FTE is based on full time faculty + (part-time faculty/3) + full-time staff + (part time staff/2)

Discount Level Points
Level FTE Number
1 100–500
2 501–2000
3 2001–8000
4 8001>