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Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) 5
for Education & Government

Education Terms and Conditions

Program Description

With Adobe’s CLP 5, your organisation can cut costs and simplify software administration on volume software licenses over the two-year membership period. Not only do your software orders provide cumulative, consistent savings nationwide, regardless of your location, but CLP 5 also helps your organisation streamline software management with centralized tools to keep track of your Adobe software volume licenses.

Benefits at a glance

Significant savings

Among the Adobe Volume Licensing programs, CLP 5 offers the most significant savings. Not only do you realise a substantial savings over the price of shrink-wrapped software with your initial order, but all qualified orders of any size throughout the two-year membership term also earn the same — or better — discount level.

Budget predictability

As a new CLP member, you can achieve budget predictability by securing your discount position for the two-year membership term. In addition, by placing a minimum order at the time of renewal, you can secure your discount position for the subsequent membership period.

Simplified purchasing and deployment

As a CLP member, you can easily track and manage your software licenses through Adobe’s easy-to-use, password-protected Licensing Web Site (LWS). This portal enables authorized staff to run reports, track order history, access serial numbers, and download available software from one central location, making it easy to deploy Adobe software to multiple users in various departments and locations across your organization.

Easy upgrades

CLP members also have the option to purchase upgrade coverage for their Adobe software licenses. Upgrade Plan enables your organization to purchase any future upgrades of licensed software that are released during your Upgrade Plan term at a percentage of the license price.

Discount levels

The number of points in your initial order indicates the discount level at which you will begin your membership term. You can also increase your discount level during your membership as you place more orders and reach the next level’s points minimum. Discount levels for CLP 5 for education and government organisations are provided according to the following table.

Discount Level Points
Level Education* Government
1 5,000 25,000
2 50,000 300,000
3 100,000 N/A
* Education point values refer to education versions only

For full details of education institutions or establishments which are eligible to purchase at the education discount please visit Adobe.