Interactive Whiteboard Range

Improving the quality of education through technology.

Prometheans overriding priority is to make a difference to the lives of children and to light the flame of learning for everyone of them. Equally, they share teachers’ passion to improve the quality of education through the use of interactive technology.
For over 10 years they have worked and continue to work with teachers, listening to what they want in the classroom. As a result they introduced the revolutionary Activclassroom, a fully integrated teaching solution that lets teachers bring lessons to life as never before.

Our all-in-one teaching solution!

Activboard+2 is the world’s best integrated whiteboard system. That’s what we set out to design. Based on the feedback of channel partners, teachers and other whiteboard users, Activboard+2 offers the best of all worlds: height adjustability, minimal shadowing, maximum security and minimal installation time.
At its heart is our robust Activboard supplied with a choice of award winning software (Activprimary or Activstudio). Then there’s the specially designed super short-throw XE40 projector exclusively supplied from Sanyo for Activboard+2. Positioned just one metre away from the Activboard, it virtually eliminates shadowing and enhances teacher comfort. It also delivers maximum peace of mind, with a host of security features.
Activboard+2 comes with a height adjustable stand that allows full use of the Activboard by the tallest, smallest or disabled user — it’s truly inclusive.

Bring Your Teaching to Life.

Our interactive whiteboard was designed by teachers, for teachers and as a result it’s brought the learning experience to life. Made with a solid screen, Activboard is resilent as it is durable. It will happily cope with variable temperatures, so an uncooled classroom over the long summer holidays won’t impact on its excellent performance.
Integral to the Activboard is our specially designed electromagnetic grid, which will remain unaffected by any screen surface damage. The grid ensures incredible accuracy, with on-screen tools such as protractors, can measure down to a single degree. Activboard comes complete with two Activpens, that write exactly like pens with the added functionality of a mouse.

The Pen is Mightier than the Finger.

Activpen is our unique battery-free, wireless, mouse-pen. It writes like a pen and acts like a mouse. The Activpen can drag-and-drop, highlight, open tools and applications, switch between pages and activate sounds and images. The mouse functionality allows you to ‘double-click’ for additional helpful tools with onscreen guidance. The Activpen is so accurate and precise, you can measure and mark on-screen to the millimetre or degree.
Teachers told us that they found touch-sensitive screens, (notably ones you use with your finger), could be temperamental. Children were encouraged to wipe their little hands on the ‘magic tissue’, before they touched the whiteboard. Educational specialists told us that children’s handwriting is best developed by holding and using a pen from a young age, so its design is easy to hold and handle on any interactive whiteboard.

Give Your Pupils and Students a Voice.

Activote is Promethean’s integrated personal response system that is designed to encourage whole class participation and enhance learning. By enabling each pupil to ‘have a voice’, the opinions, thought processes or feelings of a whole class can instantly be shared and addressed accordingly.
This could be as straight forward as determining whether pupils are following a lesson, or it could be the basis for planned discussion. And it’s all done by asking students to make a choice and click a button. Capturing student responses when they are questioned can be a powerful tool in influencing the direction of a lesson or the planning of future work. Activote allows the answers of each pupil to be saved for retrieval later — individually or as a class. Results can also be exported to Excel for record keeping and further analysis where appropriate.
Deliberately simple to use (so that the technology doesn’t interfere with the Teaching and Learning), the system is equally effective in the Foundation Stage as it is within Higher Education. Although lower-case lettered handsets are available for younger children, age differentiation is made mainly through the choice of either piece of Promethean’s award-winning software (Activprimary or Activstudio).
Enriching learning in this way is available to everyone as Activote works with any interactive whiteboard. It also has the ability to work independently of an interactive whiteboard, making it a mobile solution too. Communicating through radio technology eliminates the need for students to point devices in order to cast their vote.
Flexibility is key in any learning environment hence why Activote can be used is several ways. Integrated into Promethean’s software it can be used ad-hoc, allowing teachers to ask unplanned questions as they occur. However, it also works effortlessly over any application or website. Similarly, teachers can choose between using the supplied pre-prepared content and easily making their own with the aid of the inbuilt Question Master Wizard.

Bring a Little Magic into Your Classroom.

Teachers told us that very small children couldn’t always reach the top of the Activboard, so we’ve introduced the Activwand. It’s 53cm in length and offer the functionality of a mouse. The Activwand allows smaller children or ones sitting down to reach all parts of the board. It’s designed with an ‘easy-grip’ handle and ‘easy-to-use’ click button.
The Activwand is not just a ‘pointing’ instrument, it roll-overs to reveal images and drop-down menus. It left-clicks, so operating software, flash-based content, webpages or multimedia is child’s play.

Enhancing Interactivity in the Classroom.

Activslate is our wireless, fully integrated, A4 sized mini-board; small enough to sit on your desk or to move around the classroom. It operates using the Activpen, with the same precision on the Activboard.
Educational specialists tell us that students are interacting more, not just with the Activboard, but also with their teacher and with each other. Some teachers want interaction with children sitting at their desk as well as at the whiteboard. Other teachers wanted to be able to control the board from anywhere in the classroom. The Activslate meets the needs of teachers and students alike.

Enhanced interactive teaching in large areas.

The Activpanel is a 15 inch LCD mini-board, typically mounted onto a lecturn, and plugs directly into your PC. The Activpanel displays exactly what is on your PC, and it can be operated in the same way using the wireless Activpen.
Activpanel comes with Activstudio, delivering hundreds of teacher-designed resources to your PC. There are over 5,000 flipcharts, images, backgrounds, shapes, annotations and activities waiting for you to use.

Prepare Your Interactive Lessons Anywhere.

Time conscious teachers tell us they prepare their lessons wherever they can, at home or in the staff room. Out Activtablet allows teachers to prepare their Activboard lessons away from the interactive whiteboard, and to simulate the its features for flipchart preparation. Teachers can also practice using the Activprimary or Activstudio out of the class and without distruption.
The Activtablet is an A5 sized mini-board which plugs directly into your PC. Portable, with its own Activpen, Activpanel is the ideal preparation companion.

Activstudio — Our Award Winning Software for Secondary Schools and Older Students

Conceived by a classroom teacher, imaginatively developed as a teaching tool, Activstudio has set the benchmark for interactive whiteboard software that others strive to emulate. Designed to replicate in digital format what teachers do at the ‘chalkface’, Activstudio enhances whole class interactivity.
The software enables you to easily create electronic flipcharts which may incorporate text, images, video clips, sound and web page content. Flipcharts can seamlessly hyperlink to any other kind of document that you may use in your lessons including Inspiration, Word, Excel or Powerpoint. The software also integrates with our real-time student response system — Activote, as and can be used with other products such the Activslate and Activwand.


This exciting software package, for 3-11 year age groups makes learning fun. Bright, colourful and child-friendly, it features a moveable tool bar which pupils love to use and provides you with access to a vast curriculum resource bank of images, flipcharts and diagrams, plus much more.
Activprimary allows teachers to easily plan inspirational lessons across the National Curriculum, which saves significant amounts of preparation time. The software also integrates with our real-time student response system — Activote, as and can be used with other products such the Activslate and Activwand.