Laptop Trollies Range
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Laptop Trollies are designed to house either 10 (horizontal), 16 (horizontal or vertical), 20 (horizontal) or 32 (vertical) laptops. All stored in their own individual compartments complete with rubber matting for extra protection and a plug to charge each laptop.


10V LapCabby 16V LapCabby 20V LapCabby


16H LapCabby 32H LapCabby


Mini 20V LapCabby Mini 32V LapCabby
Lap Safe
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The LapSafe Mobile trolley range offers secure storage and ultra safe-recharging for up to 40 laptops, depending upon the unit size and capacity. All laptops are recharged simultaneously and housed in secure chassis to deter opportunist theft.

Mini & Midi

Mini Mentor Midi Mentor

Mentor & Ambassador

Mentor Ambassador


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