Thin Client Range

Thin Clients from VXL — Think Thin!
That’s All They Do.

VXL is a global leader in thin client and server-based computing technologies and has been manufacturing world-class thin client devices for over three decades providing a high quality range of high-specification, value for money models that are made to the most exacting standards.
VXL Thin Client VXL Thin Client VXL Thin Client

VXL logo At VXL, excellence is a way of life and our thin client technology helps enterprises build manageable, secure, flexible and scalable IT infrastructures. Representing our widest range of thin clients to date, all models incorporate space-saving designs, low power consumption and feature no moving parts or noise from fans or hard drives. What’s more, all VXL thin clients are designed deliver increased operator productivity benefitting from faster operation and far less office down time.
A comprehensive line-up of operating systems are also available across the VXL model range, including PXE, SUSE, Sylph-OS, XPe, WES, Linux and the latest Windows CE 6.0 for an efficient and powerful thin client with the right balance of features for environments needing a Windows user interface.


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