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Viglen's Server Range
Entry Level Servers

Entry level servers are the perfect choice for environments with up to 50 users, such as small offices or individual classrooms. The general purpose entry level server’s typical role would be for file, print or email tasks. It’s a perfect platform for single applications where cost is a key driver and performance is not mission-critical. All of our single socket servers utilise the power of the Intel® Xeon® processors and run on Intel® chipsets to provide essential server-class features.

IX1300 Server
Workgroup Servers

Viglen’s next-generation Workgroup Servers use the power of Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel Quickpath technology to maximise performance. All models support up to two processors and both pedestal or rack mount versions offer enterprise features and scalable management as standard.

IX3100 Server
IX3300/R 1U
IX3300/R 1U Server
IX3600/R 2U
IX3600/R 2U Server
IX3320/RS 1U
IX3320/RS 1U Server
IX3620/RS 2U
IX3620/RS 2U Server
Departmental Servers

Viglen’s most powerful and high performing servers are the ideal solution for business-critical databases, use of demanding applications and large workgroup needs. Viglen’s departmental servers are designed for virtualisation environments providing scalability and reliability with no downtime whilst providing room for upgrading as your infrastructure grows.

IX5600 Server
IX9000 Modular Chassis
IX9000 Modular Server
IX9200 Compute Module
IX9200 Compute Module