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Multi-role versatility in an ultra small form factor.

The Viglen Integra combines an ultra-small form factor with hybrid computing flexibility, ideal for multiple deployment scenarios.

The Viglen Integra is designed on the mini-ITX form factor, ideally suited to ultra-small PCs. A range of highly-compact, feature-rich motherboards offers a range of configurations to fit your demands of budget, connectivity, manageability, performance and lifecycle.

  • Wide range of Intel® Processors
  • Windows 8 and other Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Viglen and Intel® miniATX motherboards
  • 1GB DDR3 or more Memory
  • 250GB or more Hard Drive
  • Intel Graphics
  • Intel HD Audio
  • DVD ReWriter
  • 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit
  • HannsG widescreen LED Display with DVI-D & VGA
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IT’s a Hybrid

The flexible configuration and compact size of the Viglen Integra makes it an ideal platform for hybrid computing. Choose a traditional CPU/hard drive spec for local computing, or a lean, power-efficient build to deploy the Integra as a thin client, simplifying deployment and maximising security and availability.

IT’s Environmentally friendly

As part of your green computing strategy, the Viglen Integra is a key player. Developed within Viglen’s ISO 14000 certified process, the physically smaller Integra chassis reduces raw material consumption, while its carefully selected configurations minimise energy consumption with the latest Intel power saving technology. The 80 PLUS power supply ensures that at least 85% of the electricity supplied is used for active computing, to maximise its green footprint. You can even re-use your existing TFT display panels, avoiding waste and making the most of your precious budget.

IT’s Utilised

Viglen has designed the Integra to perform as well as it looks, both as an element of your IT solution and as a workplace tool. Forward facing USB, audio and IEEE1394a ports allow simple connection of peripherals and the DVD drive and digital memory card reader ensure that information can be effortlessly shared. The convenient carry handle simplifies deployment allowing for rapid installation with a minimum of physical effort.

IT’s Visual

Modern IT users demand more from their monitor and the Integra doesn’t disappoint. It’s compatible with a range of widescreen displays including hard screen and touch screen devices to further broaden its appeal. The monitor stand is height and tilt adjustable to accommodate ergonomic requirements, making the Integra suitable for dedicated and hot-desking environments.

IT’s Secure

Security matters and the Viglen Integra has been designed from the start to make it easy to secure through a range of features to match your existing security policy. We ve included a Kensington-style security locking point which can anchor the base unit to the desk and keep the back cover locked, as well as options for a desktop locking pillar, internal chassis lock and cover and monitor security screws, allowing you to protect your investment without compromising its flexibility.

IT’s Multimedia

Modern users demand full multimedia support from their computers and the Integra doesn’t disappoint. All models feature an integrated sound card and dedicated stereo speakers built into the monitor, providing a clear audio image. For quiet deployments, the speakers can be easily disconnected within the lockable cable cover while retaining the use of the front-facing headphone socket.

IT’s Flexible

The Viglen Integra has been designed to maximise deployment diversity, while maintaining a common hardware platform. Equally suited to single user, classroom, office or administrative use, the Integra can be rapidly redeployed for alternative use as a thin client with minimal reconfiguration, further protecting the value of your IT investment.

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