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Genie Pro

Genie Pro image
The Genie Pro, complete with the Intel® processor for next-generation single CPU performance.

Add to that triple channel DDR3 memory support and a highly upgradeable configuration and you’ve got a versatile single-CPU powerhouse.

The Genie Pro offers extreme performance as a single processor workstation, supporting Intel® processors and large capacity memory. Its extensive, upgradeable configuration with multiple storage, multimedia options and excellent connectivity ensures that the Genie Pro is an all-round strong performer with a competitive workstation price.

  • Wide range of Intel® Processors
  • Windows 7 and other Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Full Tower Case
  • Intel® motherboards
  • 2GB DDR3 or more Memory
  • 250GB or more Hard Drive
  • NVIDIA Graphics
  • HD Audio
  • DVD ROM, DVD ReWriter or CD ReWriter
  • 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit
IT’s Professional Graphics

Are you ready to maximize your professional graphics productivity?
Boost your performance with NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics solutions that are Built For Professionals™. Whether you work with CAD, Cam or DCC applications, you can leverage the capabilities of NVIDIA® professional-class GPUs to fully incorporate high-quality 3D models into your work flow. Extensive ISV approval across the NVIDIA® range of graphics boards and a unified driver architecture certified hardware-software solution that enables you to create and interact with complex product designs without sacrificing visual quality.

IT’s Ultimate Processor

Triple channel memory takes data handling to the next level and the new QuickPath technology within the Intel processor removes the traditional Front Side Bus bottleneck associated with older CPU designs.

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Not just a computer manufacturer.
Viglen, the total solution provider, also offer a wide range of peripherals.