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In todays world of research computing, with its complex mathematical models,
there is an increasing need for low-cost, high-performance computing solutions.

Viglen’s HX series Servers, offer a range of 1U Dual-Core products providing the best of both Intel and AMD technology in a variety of solutions, ranging from single CPU right through to four processor Dual core systems.
Computational Clusters

Viglen’s compute clusters consist of a number of Intel or AMD processor based 1U nodes (rackmountable machines which consume 1 unit of a rack cabinet). These nodes, by default, are all connected by Gigabit Ethernet. Optionally, should your application demand a low latency, high bandwidth network interconnect, we can offer Infiniband adapters and interconnects.
Viglen’s computer clusters employ a multi-tier architecture which is fully scalable. The front tier consists of a master node(s) which connect to, both, the external world and the rest of the cluster. This nodes acts as the cluster coordinator and handles all user logins, job scheduling, nfs, management/control of compute nodes.
The processing tier consists of high density (1U) compute nodes. Jobs launched from the master node will be executed on these nodes. Typically these nodes will be interconnected using Gigabit Ethernet, but high end interconnects can also be used to separate the traffic on these nodes (Gigabit for NFS and a fiber solution for low latency, high bandwidth MPI)
A Data Tier (optional) can be used in high end systems where large amounts of storage are required or high volume parallel IO is necessary.