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University of Lancaster awards Viglen and Platform Computing first class honours for HPC

University of Lancaster has selected Viglen, a leading British manufacturer and provider of IT solutions to the education and public sector, for its latest High Performance Computing (HPC) expansion, worth £1.2million over a three year period. Viglen have partnered with Platform Computing, the leader in cluster, grid and cloud management software, to supply, implement and manage this HPC Enterprise Edition solution.

The University of Lancaster is one of the UK’s largest research institutions so having access to enterprise-class HPC power is mission- critical, since the university receives more funding through research than through tuition fees alone. The University of Lancaster has been an HPC user for a few years but decided to adopt a more strategic and centralised approach when it began looking at refreshing and upgrading its resources in 2009.
The new HPC resources will allow Lancaster University to maintain an enviable record in cutting edge computer-based research. This ranges from fundamental physics and quantum transport in carbon nanotubes, to deeply human studies such as bioinformatics, financial market modelling and the analysis of labour markets, with a rich spectrum of results in between.
Through a four year framework agreement as sole supplier of High End Computer Systems with Viglen, University of Lancaster will have a close relationship with both Platform Computing and Viglen, benefiting from world-class HPC software and hardware designed for High End Computing Facilities, 24 hour support and a commercially supported solution which will have an overall impact on reducing total cost of ownership and improving efficiency.

“Lancaster has established itself as a major centre for computer-based research. With this new facility, we will be able push forward with problems that require lots of processing power, huge data volumes or both.”
Professor Roger Jones
Director of high end computing, Lancaster University
“We have been seeing increased demand from the market for HPC solutions: it was clear to us that Platform Computing offers the most comprehensive package and would naturally be the best option for our customers. We are delighted that the University of Lancaster are advancing their centralised HPC facility with a Viglen solution and looking forward to embarking on a successful long-term partnership. As a British IT solution provider, it is a great achievement to be competing and succeeding against international giants.”
Bordan Tkachuk,
Chief Executive Officer, Viglen
“This project marks an incredibly exciting time for us as it is our first joint initiative with Viglen and our first HPC Enterprise Edition higher education customer in Europe. Platform HPC Enterprise Edition offers a one-stop shopping experience — a complete cluster solution that provides superior user performance, improved reliability and reduced cost of ownership while removing the complexity associated with HPC clusters.”
Tripp Purvis
Vice President, Business Development, Platform Computing