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Native Quad Core Design

The AMD solution uses a native Quad Core design, four independent cores connected by a shared level 3 cache architecture.

This solution reduces the rate of cache misses and increases processor efficiency. By maintaining the same power requirements as the previous generation dual core processors, the AMD Opteron Quad Core CPUs ensure greater performance whilst remaining within the same power and thermal limits of the existing Dual Core technology.

Opteron AMD
Independent Dynamic Core Technology

This feature allows each individual core to match its frequency to the requirements of the job it is running. This allows for more efficient use of power.

AMD CoolCore Technology

Allowing for coarse and fine transistor control leading to more efficient use of power.

Dual Dynamic Power Management (DDPM)

Provides independent voltage planes for cores and memory controller. This dynamically allocates power between the cores and the memory controller enabling the cores to operate with reduced power whilst the memory control runs at full speed, allowing for increased performance and savings in power.

AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator

The 128 Bit Floating Point Pipeline gives increased floating point performance AMD Memory Optimizer Technology Controls memory access and core utilisation, leading to increases in performance. AMD Balanced Smart Cache L1/L2/L3 cache balanced between dedicated and shared cache, leads to increases in performance and fewer cache misses. Rapid Virtualisation Indexing Using Nested Paging and Tagged TLBs increases performance for Virtualisation.

“Socket F” Package

The Opteron Quad Core processor uses the same CPU package as the previous Dual Core solutions, ensuring a simple upgrade path to Quad Core technology.

AMD Opteron 6200 Series Specifications
Series Model no. Core/Thread Count Frequency Max. Turbo L3 cache TDP
6200 series (Interlagos) 6204 4/4 3.3Ghz n/a 16MB 115W
6212 8/8 2.6Ghz 3.2Ghz 16MB 115W
6220 8/8 3.0Ghz 3.6Ghz 16MB 115W
6234 12/12 2.4Ghz 3.1Ghz 16MB 115W
6238 12/12 2.6Ghz 3.3Ghz 16MB 115W
6262 HE 16/16 1.6Ghz 2.9Ghz 16MB 85W
6272 16/16 2.1Ghz 3.1Ghz 16MB 115W
6274 16/16 2.2Ghz 3.2Ghz 16MB 115W
6276 16/16 2.2Ghz 3.2Ghz 16MB 115W
6282 16/16 2.6Ghz 3.5Ghz 16MB 140W