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Are you up to Speed with GPU Acceleration?

GPU acceleration in HPC is at an exciting tipping point. For the first time applications are appearing as ‘GPU ready’, meaning you can now harness the performance NVIDIA Tesla GPUs without the need for any extra lengthy manual programming and can yield speedups of up to 10X against traditional HPC architectures.

The Viglen GPU Test Drive

The NVIDIA Tesla GPU Processors enable biophysicists and computational chemists to innovate like never before. Tesla GPUs transform a standard desktop PC into a personal supercomputer, capable of computational performance of clusters today. AMBER, NAMD, GROMACS, LAMMPS, and TeraChem are just a few of the applications enjoying 10x or more speed-up using Tesla GPUs.
If you are AMBER, NAMD, or GROMACS user, we are offering a special limited time opportunity to simulate your molecule file using a Tesla Personal Supercomputer for free. No obligations or strings attached.
To log in to the Viglen Cluster with Fermi hardware and test out your application, e-mail
After registration, you will receive an email with instructions.
See for yourself what the computational power of Tesla GPUs can do for your research!

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