NVIDIA Tesla Molecular Dynamics SimCluster

See for yourself — Test Drive the Tesla MD SimCluster

Discover the speed-up your models can achieve with the Tesla MD SimCluster by registering for a test-drive. One of the questions researchers have is whether MD SimCluster will work for their models. With just three easy steps you can test-drive MD SimCluster and discover how much speed up your models will achieve.

  • Step 1
    Visit NVIDIA MD Simcluster for the test-drive and schedule time
  • Step 2
    Log in to the MD SimCluster
  • Step 3
    Load your models for AMBER or NAMD and run simulations. Speed up results provided at the end of the simulation

Try it and buy it

The MD SimCluster gives outstanding results with AMBER up to 5x faster and NAMD up to 7x faster making research more productive.

MD SimCluster is built with the best GPUs for computing — Tesla M2090 — and paired with fastest CPUs, memory and IOs.

Success Stories
Find out how GPUs are helping MD researchers around the world accelerate their science with AMBER & NAMD.

MD Codes
GPUs are great at accelerating a range of other MD and DNA-sequencing codes.

Get started with GPUs

Cut down simulation time from days to hours with the Molecular Dynamics (MD) SimCluster. Designed with Tesla GPUs, the MD SimCluster is optimised to simulate large size models and gain higher accuracy while reducing simulation time. Preconfigured to accelerate AMBER or NAMD, all you need to do is load your models to start your simulation.

What is GPU Computing?

GPU computing is the use of a GPU (graphics processing unit) to do general purpose scientific and engineering computing. The model for GPU computing is to use a CPU and GPU together. The sequential part of the application runs on the CPU and the computationally-intensive part runs on the GPU. GPU computing is enabled by the massively parallel architecture of NVIDIA’s GPUs called the CUDA architecture. The CUDA architecture consists of 100s of processor cores that operate together to crunch through the data set in the application.
AMBER and NAMD along with several other MD applications support GPU computing.
From the user’s perspective, these applications just run faster using the GPU to boost performance.
Visit NVIDIA Tesla for more information.

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