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At Viglen, we’ve taken the time to get IT right.
Since 1975 Viglen’s commitment to excellent has earned the company the privilege of winning approved sole and joint supplier framework agreements with over 450 Public Sector bodies.

We’ve made an unprecedented effort to assemble a specialist team dedicated to the business of government and public sector solutions. Together, our account team, technical analysts, project manager and senior executives know the unique demands inside out. We completely understand the public sector’s budgetary cycle and procurement processes and will help you drive best value from your IT resources — from the simplest laptop installation to the sophisticated world of content management systems and team-based wireless networking.
Viglen not only provide our customers with a named in-house Account Manager but also a field based Business Development Manager (BDM) amongst whose many tasks is to review a series of account performance reports with their customer on a regular basis. Each account has a dedicated credit controller so that payment issues can be resolved between friends and a dedicated member of the Customer Care team. Some accounts even have a specific contact in the Technical Support Department so general issues can be discussed regularly.
It is now difficult to imagine a world without automated assembly, computerised stock control, integrated global data networks and complex Customer Relationship Management systems.
Viglen has the ability to apply the knowledge, technical expertise and resources to deliver innovative, flexible and secure IT solutions from SMEs to the largest multi-national corporations — concept to completion to support.

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