Viglen ClassLink

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Viglen ClassLink™ is a suit of tools that helps simplify the management of your network by automating complex and time consuming tasks.
ClassLink™ also provides accurate auditing facilities, offering efficient remote support service and quick and easy communication between pupils and teachers.

ClassLink™ empowers teachers to take control of ICT in the classroom. By providing an intuitive user interface coupled with an industry leading feature set, ClassLink™ will dramatically enhance the way in which teachers control, monitor, interact and manage their classroom activity.

Why Should Viglen ClassLink™ Interest me?

ClassLink™ is about turning your ICT resource into a cross curricular teaching tool — it is simple to learn, easy to use and effortless to administor — this means that teachers can spend less time carrying out network administration tasks and spend more time teaching.

ClassLink™ greatly benefits three groups of people:
  • Network Management
    By making otherwise complex network management issues simple, lowering the total cost of ownership, ensuring system security, providing excellent communication tools, auditing facilities and an efficient remote support service.
  • Teachers
    By affording teachers a tool to teach across the curriculum — allowing them to effectively control, monitor, interact, communicate and manage using ICT in the classroom environment.
  • Learners
    In addition to the teaching benefits highlighted above, ClassLink™ ensures pupils can log-on at any machine on the network to carry on with their work, helps maintain focus during the lesson and allows rapid access to all ICT resources.