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DataCore is a leading independent software vendor specialising in storage control, storage management, and storage consolidation. With DataCore solutions supporting a wide range of storage infrastructure standards across a wide range of Operating Systems and environments, DataCore products allow you to centralise storage control and management through a single solution allowing you to consolidate storage from different vendors.

SANsymphony software is an enterprise-class open storage networking platform that maximises the value from IT assets and boosts business productivity. Customers receive enduring ROI benefits from the comprehensive storage management services provided by the software.
SANsymphony doubles effective disk utilisation by pooling disk space from multiple devices and automatically allocating just enough capacity, just-in-time, to needy applications. Automating and consolidating storage control easily increases capacity managed by each administrator tenfold. SANsymphony further enhances productivity by eliminating storage-related downtime through non-disruptive provisioning and affordable business continuance options. With these advancements, as well as unprecedented performance and broad connectivity, three times more users can benefit from existing resources.

SANsymphony spec sheet

    The affordable way of consolidating all of your storage assets into a single storage pool. Allowing you to consolidate the direct-attached or built-in storage capacity of all of your servers into a single pool of storage. With centralised administration, backup and replication, managing your storage assets becomes easy.

    • iSCSIDisk Emulation
    • Support for numerous disk drive types
    • I/O read and write caching
    • Secure LUN allocation (access control)
    • Virtual LUNs - Divides or aggregates disks to meet various capacity requirements
    • Intuitive Administrative GUI
    • Optional Fibre Channel Disk Emulation
    • Optional Auto-Failover
    • Optional Full Function Snapshot

    SANmelody spec sheet