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Hitachi Data Systems leverages global R&D resources to develop storage solutions built on industry-leading technology with the performance, availability and scalability to maximize customers' ROI and minimize their risk. By focusing on the customer's perspective as we apply the best hardware, software, and services from Hitachi and our partners, we uniquely satisfy our customers' business needs.
Download the Eco Data Centre White Paper

Hitachi Unified Storage 100 Family

Hitachi redefines unified storage with Hitachi Unified Storage. With trusted Hitachi reliability, it helps you meet application availability requirements and performance requirements with lower investment. You will be able to deploy storage for all data types and easily grow to meet expanding requirements and service level objectives for critical business applications. Hitachi Unified Storage simplifies operations with easy-to-use management and is part of a robust portfolio of storage solutions that can be managed from a single interface for optimal management efficiency.

Unified Without Compromise
  • Powerful combination of block, file and object storage
  • Balanced scalability that extends your investment further
  • Designed to meet stringent SLA requirements
Features and Benefits
  • Comprehensive and integrated management for block, file and object data
  • High-density storage, which reduces foot print and energy costs
  • Automated data management with dynamic provisioning, dynamic load balancing, and auto-tiering
  • Scale capacity, performance, file systems and volumes further

PDF: HUS 100 spec sheet

    Virtualise, Manage and Unify All Data Types
    Hitachi Unified Storage VM can manage all of your existing storage and consolidate all of your data in a single, virtualised platform to ease the management of information. Hitachi Unified Storage VM is built with trusted Hitachi reliability for application availability, performance and lower cost of ownership. Delivering enterprise storage virtualization in a unified platform lets you manage information more efficiently.

    Unified Storage With Enterprise Virtualisation
    • Manage more data, more efficiently, more easily
    • Improve productivity so you can do more with your data
    • Provide higher service levels with better performance
    Virtualise, Manage and Unify All Data Types
    • Unified architecture lets you share resources to reduce capital purchases and lower environmental cost by as much as 40%
    • Ensure data is there when customers need it, with the highest availability — guaranteed at 100%, a commitment you won’t find anywhere else
    • Refresh your technology to increase performance or optimise cost, with up to 90% less effort than alternatives
    Features and Benefits
    • Reduce storage costs up to 50% by consolidating your existing storage into a centrally managed pool of shared capacity
    • Reclaim up to 65% of unused capacity in your existing storage and delay purchases of unnecessary new equipment
    • Reduce management overhead by as much as 50% by enabling various storage platforms to be managed from a single point
    • Increase service levels to customers through better performance and transaction rates — double those of comparable storage systems

    PDF: HUS VM spec sheet

      With the Hitachi Backup in a Box, two core technologies have been bundled together to create a cost effective solution which helps to enable centralised storage with efficient data management and backup.

      • Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100
        Introducing Hitachi Simple Modular Storage SMS100, a simple and reliable solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that offers enterprise-class storage features and data protection solutions. The SMS100 is ideal for growing businesses looking for storage systems that are easy to install and manage, and easy to integrate with applications such as Microsoft® Windows® and others common to the Small Business segment.
      • Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS) Powered by CommVault
        The Hitachi Data Protection Suite powered by CommVault provides high-performance data protection, data management, and universal availability of data on complex heterogeneous storage networks.

      With Data Protection Suite, customers can solve challenges like shrinking backup windows, rising tape costs, recovering critical data, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.
      This unified approach results in an easy, automated, and low cost data management solution, at a fraction of the time, effort and money required by separate point products.

      PDF HDS backup-in-a-box spec sheet

        Strategies to Archive, Back Up, Consolidate (A-B-C)

        Employ a few simple IT strategies to significantly simplify your IT environment and reduce costs. Our “Archive first, Back up less, Consolidate more” (A-B-C) strategies help to ensure you have the right infrastructure to scale for the future while managing and governing information throughout its lifecycle.
        Archive first—reduces the cost of storing data
        Back up less—reduces the cost of protecting data
        Consolidate more—allows you to do more with less
        Distributed IT efficiency—enables more effective IT management at remote and branch offices
        Enable e-discovery and compliance—mitigates data risk
        Facilitate cloud—increases IT agility.

        Reduce Cost, Complexity and Manage Growth
        • Stop struggling to keep up with the growth of unstructured data, stay within budget, optimise investments and deliver the necessary services quickly
        • Reduce the cost of storing and protecting data, consolidate silos to streamline management, mitigate data risk, and make IT more agile
        • Take advantage of our integrated file and content portfolio to help your enterprise better manage the proliferation of your unstructured data
        Features and Benefits
        • Reduce the cost of storing data by placing data on the most appropriate media based on the value of the information
        • Reduce the cost of protecting data by using disk-based data protection thus avoiding tape backups
        • Do more with less by consolidating silos to streamline management and operations as well as maximising utilization and efficiency
        • Manage distributed IT more effectively by adopting a centralized strategy for data collection, protection and management
        • Mitigate data risk by understanding what data you have, its value, who can access it and how it should be managed throughout its lifecycle
          Enterprise-Class, Backup-Free Cloud and Archive

          Proliferation of unstructured data, applications and data variations continues to accelerate. With the limitations of traditional file storage systems, these trends increase server and storage sprawl, with numerous infrastructure silos that support different workloads. Hitachi Content Platform is an object storage solution that allows IT organizations and cloud service providers to store, share, synchronise, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data from a single system. The system is more efficient, easier to use, and handles much more data than traditional file storage solutions. Content Platform automates day-to-day IT operations such as data protection and readily evolves to changes in scale, scope, applications, and storage and server technologies over the life of data. In IT environments where data grows quickly or must remain for years, these capabilities are invaluable.

          • Active data protection and a reliable, utility-grade architecture for backup free storage that is easy to set up, manage and adapt
          • High-density, high-efficiency storage, with multitenancy, support for multiple protocols and scalability from a few terabytes to tens of petabytes
          • Unique metadata gathering and intelligence tools bring structure to unstructured file data to enable intelligent automation and facilitate deeper analysis of data
          • Safe, secure file synchronisation and sharing with Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere and integration with Hitachi Data Ingestor to connect remote and branch offices
          Object Storage Solutions
          • Archive, backup-free storage and cloud in a single platform
          • Easy to deploy, manage and adapt to change
          • Improve efficiency and automate operations
          Features and Benefits
          • Comprehensive and integrated management for block, file and object data
          • High-density storage, which reduces foot print and energy costs
          • Automated data management with dynamic provisioning, dynamic load balancing, and auto-tiering
          • Scale capacity, performance, file systems and volumes further

          PDF: HCP spec sheet

            Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere) is a fully integrated, on-premises solution for safe, secure file synchronisation and sharing. Built end-to-end to be enterprise-ready, and hardened for the uncontrolled Internet, HCP Anywhere uses the Hitachi Content Platform object store to store, protect, secure and manage your data in the most efficient, easily scalable and highest-density object storage platform.

            • End users can access work files anywhere, anytime with any device
            • Simplified administration with built-in mobile device management, auditing and full integration with Microsoft Active Directory®
            • All files stored deduplicated, compressed, and backup-free in an on-premises object store
            • Organisations can reduce email storage and network payloads by sending links instead of attachments
            • File sync and share that is easy to deploy and manage
            Enterprise-Class File Sync and Share

            Users want seamless, work-related file sharing and synchronisation — anywhere, and on any device — just like the free consumer cloud options. IT needs this as well to reduce such problems as:

            • Data outside the control and governance of corporate IT
            • Inefficient storage and network utilisation because of massive content duplication
            • Reduced employee productivity from storage inefficiencies
            • High cost for storage, backup, and data management
            Safe Sync and Share for the Enterprise
            • Secure Create a safe and secure on-premises private cloud
            • Smart Efficient storage and data protection controls costs and data growth
            • Simple Easy to use for both IT and end-users

            PDF: HCP Anywhere spec sheet

              Consolidate File Sharing Efficiently

              Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) and Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) file module are advanced, high performance and highly scalable network attached storage (NAS) systems. HNAS is a competitive solution with active-active clustering (2 to 8 nodes), single namespace up to maximum capacity, multiprotocol file services, native tiering and migration, virtualized file systems and the most usable capacity. HNAS supports big data workloads, consolidates multiple NAS filers and has a lower total cost of ownership. HNAS simplifies data management, increases capacity utilization and is available in multiple sizes to fit your needs. Hitachi NAS Platform 3200 is the most powerful and scalable platform designed for data center environments. HNAS 3080 and 3090 flexibly handle the workloads of enterprise data centers, medium organizations and remote data centres.

              • High performance up to 1.6GB/sec and 200,000 IOPS per node
              • Highly scalability up to 16PB of usable capacity
              • Deduplication optimised eliminates redundant data to reclaim up to 90% of existing storage capacity
              • Intelligently integrated flexibly designed for dynamic provisioning, intelligent tiering, virtualization, snapshot cloning, replication and cloud infrastructure support
              • Archive ready Supports integration with Hitachi Content Platform for active archiving, regulatory compliance and large object storage for cloud infrastructure
              Simplify File and Content Management
              • Powerful enterprise-class NAS storage systems
              • Best-in-class performance and scalability
              • Nondisruptive deduplication for maximum capacity efficiency with no degradation of performance
              Features and Benefits
              • High performance hardware-accelerated network storage with up to 1.6GB/sec throughput for sequential workloads and up to 200,000 IOPS
              • Expansive scalability expandable usable capacity up to 16PB, up to 64 virtual servers with role-based security and up to 16 million objects per directory
              • Active-active clustering cluster from 2 up to 8 nodes for performance that improves as the load increases and a Clustered Namespace
              • Simplifies overall IT infrastructure, reduces complexity of storage management and lowers total cost of ownership by enabling consolidation of NAS devices and file servers
              • Significantly improves efficiency, agility and utilization across NAS environments through advanced virtualization, tiering and deduplication capabilities

              PDF: Hitachi NAS Platform spec sheet