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VSG have many years experience implementing storage solutions based around ISCSI and Fibre Channel. VSG partners with the leading storage vendors to meet your requirements whether it is for the latest high speed 8Gbps Fibre channel technology and/or an intermix of Ethernet based ISCSI technology or replication.
Viglen solutions are provided by the following storage partners:
Fibre channel solutions include those offered by Cisco, Brocade, Qlogic and Emulex.
ISCSI and Ethernet solutions include those offered by Cisco and 3COM.
FC to IP Routing solutions nclude those offered by Cisco and Qlogic.

    The Cisco® MDS 9222i Multiservice Modular Switch, the next generation of the highly flexible, industry-leading, proven Cisco MDS 9200 Series Multilayer Switches, is an optimized platform for deploying high-performance Storage Area Network extension solutions, distributed intelligent fabric services, and cost-effective multiprotocol connectivity for both open and mainframe environments.

    Key features include:
    • Integrated Fibre Channel and IP storage services in an optimized form factor
      Supports 18 4-Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces for high-performance SAN connectivity and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for FCIP and iSCSI storage.
    • Integrated hardware-based virtual fabric isolation with VSANs and Fibre Channel routing with IVR
      VSANs and IVR enable deployment of large-scale multisite and heterogeneous SAN topologies. Integrated VSANs in port-level hardware allow any port in a system or in a fabric to be partitioned into any VSAN. Integrated IVR provides line-rate routing between any of the ports in a system or in a fabric without the need for external routing appliances.
    • Remote SAN extension with high-performance FCIP
      Simplifies data protection and business continuance strategies by enabling backup, remote replication, and other disaster-recovery services over WAN distances using open-standard FCIP tunneling; optimizes WAN resource utilization for backup and replication by enabling hardware-based compression, hardware-based encryption, FCIP Write Acceleration, and FCIP Tape Acceleration; and preserves VSANs, IVR, advanced traffic management, and network security across remote connections.
    • Cost-effective iSCSI connectivity to Ethernet-attached servers
      Extends the benefits of Fibre Channel SAN-based storage to Ethernet-attached servers at a lower cost than is possible using Fibre Channel interconnection alone.

    PDF Cisco MDS9222i spec sheet

      SANbox 5600Q lets you start small, then scale with your company’s needs using state-of-the-art 10Gb Fibre Channel “stacking” technology typically found only in high-end director products.

      Key features include:
      • Affordable Now—Big Savings Late
        Low initial cost, reduced expansion costs, longer product and topology lifespan
      • Powerful, Intuitive Software
        QuickTools™ (included), Fabric Security (included), Enterprise Fabric Suite™ (optional), SANdoctor™ (optional)
      • More Ways to Grow
        Flexible port licensing on a single switch, stack switches for quick, easy expansion, high-speed modular backbone
      • Easy to Install and Manage
        Installation and configuration wizards, on-board Graphical User Interface (GUI), manage stacks as a single device
      • Fast, Reliable 4Gb/10Gb Performance
        Non-blocking, full bandwidth architecture, adaptive Inter-Switch Link (ISL) trunking, I/O StreamGuard for RSCN suppression, hardware-enforced zoning by worldwide name, hot-swappable dual power supply option, non-Disruptive Code Load and Activation (NDCLA)

      PDF SANbox 5600Q spec sheet

        SANbox 5800V lets you connect 8Gb, 4Gb or 2Gb devices to a SAN for about the same cost as competing 4Gb-only solutions — but the investment protection advantages go much deeper! Unlike other solutions, the 5800V offers the ability to phase bandwidth provisioning incrementally within your ISL fabric, the most performance-critical area of the SAN.

        Key features include:
        • Cost-saving modular backbone architecture
          Stability, scalability, adaptability, extended solution lifespan
        • 4-port expansion increments
        • Easy to install and manage
          QuickTools™ On-board GUI and CLI included, adaptive Trunking included
        • Powerful advanced software options
          Enterprise Fabric Suite™ 2007, SANdoctor™
        • Still the most cost-effective, best-performing
          SAN switch available

        PDF SANbox 5800V spec sheet

          The SANbox 9000 Series stackable chassis switch is a new class of core switch that enables solutions with the 99.999 percent availability, blazing performance and easy scalability.

          Key features include:
          • Hyperstack
            Four 200Gb dedicated backplane-to-backplane interconnects between chassis modules
          • High Bandwidth Chassis
            1.6Tb of backplane bandwidth for a dual chassis HyperStack configuration
          • Redundancy
            Redundant CPU, power supply, and fan blades, including the ability to hot-swap replace by a customer
          • Compact
            Up to 128 ports in only 4U of rack space, 256 ports in 8U-HyperStack

          PDF SANbox 9000 spec sheet

            Premium stackable Gigabit switches with enhanced IPv4/IPv6 networking, and maximum security, convergence features and intelligence
            the 3Com® Switch 4800G Gigabit Family delivers outstanding security, reliability and multi-service support capabilities for robust switching at the edge or aggregation layer of large enterprise and campus networks, or in the core layer of medium- and smallsized enterprise networks.

            Key features include:
            • High Expandability for Investment Protection
            • Premium Security
            • Multilayer Reliability
            • Convergence-Ready Support
            • Unparalleled Quality of Service
            • Powerful, Integrated Management Capabilities
            • Redundant Power System Support

            PDF HP 4800G spec sheet

              Premium stackable Gigabit switches with maximum security, convergence features and intelligence required by the most demanding advanced enterprise networks.
              The 3Com® Switch 5500G Gigabit Family delivers premium levels of performance, security and reliability for robust switching at the enterprise network edge.

              Key features include:
              • Enterprise Level Performance
              • Built for Flexibility and Growth
              • High Availability for Critical Applications
              • Multilayer Security
              • Priority for Converged Business Traffic
              • Unique AC/DC Powered Operation
              • Redundant Power System Support

              PDF HP 5500G spec sheet

                Highly affordable, entry-level managed Gigabit connectivity for medium-sized businesses and branch office networks
                The 3Com® Switch 4200G Gigabit Family delivers quad-speed performance—10/100/1000 and 10– Gigabit–with plug–and–play “Gigabit-to-the-Desktop” switching and rich, easy–to–use features perfect for cost–conscious medium-sized businesses wanting a fast, efficient network upgrade.

                Key features include:
                • Affordable Managed Gigabit Conectivity
                • Future Proof Networking
                • Empowers Application Convergence
                • Enhanced Management and Control
                • Delivers High Performance
                • Gives Flexible, Basic Layer 3 Routing
                • Redundant Power System Support

                PDF HP 4200G spec sheet

                  Single Port 8Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express Host Bus Adapter

                  Key benefits include:
                  • Virtualization optimized
                  • Power optimized
                  • Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS) optimized
                  • Security optimized
                  • Management optimized
                  Key features include:
                  • Fibre Channel 8Gb to PCI Express x8
                  • 1600 MBps (full-duplex)
                  • 200,000 initiator and target IOPS
                  • StarPower™ technology

                  PDF QLogic QLE2560 spec sheet